Thursday 26 November 2020

Hurrah for Tier 2! I somehow doubt this will be the theatrical event of the decade - but I'm so grateful for the theatres that are re-opening next week and more than happy to Go Out to Help Out! I had a few theatre outings before lockdown and they all felt very safe and well-managed. And whatever the play's like, the Theatre Royal always looks festive - and it's a chance to see the Christmas lights - and maybe a browse in Fortnum's and Hatchard's ... excuse the over-excitement but I've had it with takeaway coffees and walks in the park!

Monday 9 November 2020

Christmas is happening ... and I've booked my ticket! Determined to have one proper night out.

Monday 2 November 2020

Well, I squeaked in there just in the nick of time - and I'd booked back in August as single seats were at a premium. So sad to see theatres closing - just as they'd begun to re-open. And clearly much thought and planning has gone into keeping audiences safe. There was literally yards of space between me and the next person ... oh, I know it's not economically viable, but while it lasts I'm enjoying segregation from fidgeters, sweet rustlers and those who risk dehydration if they don't gulp water like farmyard animals! I had doubts about the play - I only booked because it was Ralph Fiennes and because it was the first theatre to open. And I'd love to see something frivolous and shallow and fun rather than all the worthy stuff that is being programmed. But actually - I was gripped, despite the iffy reviews. Only an actor of Fiennes' calibre could have pulled it off. He was so good he put the fear of god into me about being stricken - and I wonder how many of the audience left the theatre thinking they'd never dare to venture out again. Unfortunately, by the time I got home that decision had been made for me - and I spent Sunday buying whisky supplies and new knickers in M&S as shopping for inessential knickers reverts to being a criminal activity. But I did my best to support the arts last week and also ventured to see Alan Bennett's Lady in the Van at Windsor. I am truly ashamed to say that I nodded off ... it was just a bit flat. Okayish. Lacking a Dame Maggie for sure. Windsor felt like a ghost town without tourists and the bottom has clearly fallen out of the nodding corgi market.