Sunday 16 August 2020

 Beat The Devil

Well, I said if it's on I'm going ... just booked my first masked and socially-distanced theatre outing if only because it's Ralph Fiennes and it was only £10. Feeling slightly peeved that so few seats are available to single people as they're all blocked off in twos and threes, but I suppose singles aren't economically viable (and I can't be bothered ringing round to see if anyone else would like to come - I know I'm the yellow canary!) 

I'm quite near the front ... so I do hope he's not one of those spitty actors! Didn't think of that until after the ticket had processed. 

Not till October as so few single seats were available - but I reckon I'll need a night out by then! (I don't  suppose they'll still be selling freshly-baked madeleines in the Bridge Theatre bar? Probably not!)

I do wish it was something a bit more cheerful, though!   

Saturday 15 August 2020

 Feast & Fast

Without a shadow of a doubt, my best lockdown outing has been to this brilliant exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. Yes, those are real swan and peacock pies. I walked in and gasped, 'Wow!" Here's a link showing just how fabulous it is up close. 

It's a tube, a train and then a bus from here - my first time out of London in months - but it was so worth it! And there's still free tickets left until the end of the month.