Thursday 29 September 2022

Must be decades since I last saw The Crucible so when a friend rang with a last minute invitation to yesterday's matinée at the National, it seemed quite fresh and new - I only remembered the gist of it. Thoroughly enjoyed the production which sadly seems more relevant today than at any time since McCarthyism. Of course, I'd never heard of Erin Doherty - although my friend assured me that she's a famous model turned actress. It was only when I read the reviews that I recognised Princess Anne from The Crown.

Tuesday 27 September 2022

Another book I've struggled with. It sounded so promising, too, as it's the fictionalised story of Kim Philby and the woman spy who recruited him, written by Philby's granddaughter. Fair enough,the life of real spies is nothing like as exciting as James Bond - but oh, this dragged and let's just say that Charlotte Philby is no John le Carré. It's hard work, a tricksy, fractured structure and I kept losing track of who's who and then losing interest. (If you're into housewife spies, I far preferred Ben Macintyre's Agent Sonya.) But I was interested in finding out more about Edith Tudor-Hart who seems a sad, lonely, obsessive character. This documentary Tracking Edith sounds fascinating - if only I could track it down.

Tuesday 13 September 2022

An aged Pope desperate to retire ... yes, it did seem very apposite this week. Two fantastic performances, Anton Lesser as lonely, ascetic Benedict - like a modern-day Thomas More - and Nicholas Woodeson as the reluctant Cardinal Bergoglio. Quite the best play I can remember seeing at the Rose Theatre in Kingston. (There is a limited tour coming up so do look out for it if you're near Oxford/Bath/Northampton.)

Tuesday 6 September 2022

There is a lovely fresh-start, sharp pencils, back-to-school feel about September - all the more enjoyable for not actually going back to school which would be my worst nightmare ever (one I still occasionally have when under stress). I'm going to Learn New Things and Never Procrastinate Again, Ever and Embrace Marie Kondo. Well,here I am at 3pm and I've done one load of washing, read a good chunk of Family Roundabout because I pulled it down from the shelf and why not, haven't done any work yet and there's a biblical downpour so I haven't gone out yet either ... But I have booked my ticket for Cézanne. So that's something.