Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The gooseberry crumble was delicious; tart berries from a friend's allotment, crumble that didn't go soggy, and custard from a carton. (Sorry, but I'm no good at making unlumpy custard).

And there's plenty left over for breakfast. (Just as well, because I've run out of bread.)

And I'd be having a perfectly nice, quiet evening in, in front of the television. If only Series 4 of Mad Men were on. (It's started in America. It's preying on mind. I must stop tormenting myself by reading reviews in the New York Times.)
What was I saying? If only Series 4 of Mad Men were on. Instead of a cookery show and that bloke who used to be Bergerac.

Good thing I went to the library this lunchtime ...


Joan Hunter Dunn said...

The crumble sounds delicious and oh Mad Men. We're just watching series 3 and I spoilt the ending by reading an article on Mad Men 4 it should have had 'spoiier alert' on it. Maybe if we think Mad Men thoughts hard enough it will speed it's way over here quicker!

mary said...

I've just watched 1 and 2 again on DVD, Joan - and it's even better second time around.