Thursday, 9 December 2010

I have eaten the first Christmas lunch, with turkey and pudding. And a mince pie. But that was over a week ago.
The first cards are on the windowsill ( even though I haven't written any).
I have been to the first noisy party, wondering how many prawn nibbles it takes to soak up a mojito imbibed on top of champagne (even though I'm old enough to know better).
I have been to a nativity play and clapped very loudly for the Wise Man and the Little Donkey who invited me.
And I've sat in front of a roaring log fire in front of a Christmas tree that tipped the ceiling of a stately home.
I ate too many chocolate snowballs this morning pondering how behind I am with work after all the festivities.
Is it over yet? Because although it's been very nice, I think I've had quite enough. Already.


kristina said...

Sounds like you've done far more Christmas than I have! G's office party is tonight but I'll be here at home.

And I entered the draw, too, but likewise no word...

K x

mary said...

I'm still hoping, Kristina - though would have to fight my brother for it if I won.

Lucille said...

Just one point of information. What is a chocolate snowball? It sounds promising.

mary said...

I think they're called Snow Bites, Lucille. Two for price of one in Tesco's - never a good idea as I bought them for children I'm seeing next week. And now I've only one bag left. And I only meant to sneak one.