Tuesday, 18 September 2012

On the Beach at Newlyn, Ernest Proctor
I made a detour on the way home yesterday to see this Modern Romantics show; so slight, it's almost anorexic - as most of the best mid-century paintings have disappeared into private collections. (No Piper or Ravilious, which is what I'd been hoping for.)

In a Cottage Garden, Henry Herbert La Thangue

Still, quite a nice thing to do on the way home from work. Though I far preferred the work of earlier Newlyn artists at the back of the ground-floor gallery.


Lucille said...

You'll need to pop down to the Towner in Eastbourne one weekend for Ravilious, Piper, Eric Slater and until the end of the month, Harold Mockford.

mary said...

I'd love to, Lucille!

Darlene said...

The colours and atmosphere of the second image fits right in with the autumnal feel about the place lately.

I was disappointed to find out that Two Temple Place is closed until January...too bad.

mary said...

What a shame, Darlene - especially as their next exhibition is Newlyn artists.