Sunday, 3 March 2013

The orchids at Kew this morning were an exotic explosion of colour. There was Gingersnap and Goldfish. Fata Morgana and Cascade Fortune Teller. Misty Mountain and Stairs to Heaven. One very beautiful one was simply called Yellow with Pink Stripes;  perhaps the person who first grew it was simply lost for words.

But I also saw the first bee of the year inside a crocus. And the first butterfly.
And carpets of cyclamen and lots of snowdrops and daffodils.

Which put such a spring in my step that I skipped to the Maids of Honour teashop.
And bought the first enormous cream cake for my tea.


elegancemaison said...

Oh happy memories of Kew Gardens! We used to take the children to visit frequently when we lived in Ealing. It was only 10p entrance in the 1980s - having gone up from one penny

And I always called into Newens to buy Maids of Honour those special pastries like no others. I can't believe you had a cream cake instead!

mary said...

Of course they're delicious, Elegance Maison - but they're barely a decent mouthful!
I often think fondly of the old admission charges - and would happily forgo some of today's razzmatazz if we could go back to them!