Sunday 30 June 2013

I've never watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer and don't really feel that I've missed out.
But who would have guessed that low-budget Shakespeare filmed in b/w in 12 days by Buffy's creator Joss Wheldon at his own Santa Monica villa ... would be such an absolute delight!
It makes Kenneth Branagh's attempt seem positively leaden.
Not being a Buffy fan, I haven't a clue who any of the actors are and for all I know they're big names in vampire drama.
But they speak Shakespeare like their native language.
Absolutely the best summer movie ... and actually, I enjoyed it far more than the long-awaited Before Midnight. Could anybody be married to Julie Delpy for 10 years without putting a pillow over her head - because she never shuts up for one second. Sorry, Julie, but what was charming for one night in Vienna 18 years ago is now grounds for divorce.
I knew that I didn't care about you any more when I realised that I was far more interested in those glorious Greek tomatoes you were chopping - and in Patrick Leigh Fermor's villa which was the setting for the film - than in your long-running romance.
I know ... I'm middle-aged. But stuff love and romance ... I'm sighing over stuffed tomatoes.


Noelle the dreamer said...

I am still laughing Mary, you are unique!
Actually let's not browbeat Mr. Branagh as he can be credited for allowing me to understand Shakespeare! The Barb's famous words translated in French loses so much of its true and original meaning...Hearing the Golden Boy speaks them made it so much clearer...Don't mind me, I was once a bride struggling to learn English (still am!)...Ex-RAF flyboy didn't have the patience to teach me those famous sonnets and plays. I only wish I could have turned the tables on him though (hubby not Kenneth)...He has yet to learn French (or Flemish)!

mary said...

Noelle, Shakespeare as a foreign language is quite an achievement. I limped through a bit of Molière at school, but that's not quite the same!

mary said...

You'll have to be quick to catch this one, Sue; it seems to be disappearing from cinemas fast.

It's ages since I saw Ken's version and I think I only saw it on television. But this new one really brings the play to life.

Mac n' Janet said...

My daughter saw this one over the weekend, she says she enjoyed it, but still prefers the Branagh version. I think she just prefers Mr. Branagh.

mary said...

No contest, Janet - give me the men in suits in the new one!

Sue said...

I went to see this yesterday following your recommendation and you are right.It is great.Thank you.

mary said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Sue. (Not Quincetree Sue. Quinceless Sue?)