Monday, 12 August 2013

Along the Shore, 1914

Sue kindly left a comment to say that the artist who painted the Miss Mole book-jacket is Joseph Southall, that the original is in Kidderminster art gallery and that there is more of his work in Birmingham. Which immediately sent me off to Your Paintings .. how did I ever manage without it ... where, of course, I recognised the painting above.

The Food Queue

I find it hard to resist a painting of a queue. (I can't quite make out the date. I think it's 1915. Or maybe 1913.)

Apparently, this is his best-known work but it's a fresco so you won't find it on Your Paintings. Couldn't resist that stole and muff.

And this is the artist's mother. Isn't that a wonderful lace cap? I feel another book-jacket coming on.


Sue said...

I spent many a youthful hour in B'ham M&AG swooning over the Pre-Raphs never taking much notice of Southall. Funny how one's tastes change. I've stopped reading Keats too.

Southall is so good at women's clothing isn't he?

mary said...

I was a swooner, too, Sue - and had the waist-length Pre-Raphaelite hair to go with it - but went in more for declaiming Shelley. Do teenagers still go in for that? Maybe there's an app that does it all for them!

So agree about the women's clothes. I've been straining to see details of the stockings on Corporation Street.

Toffeeapple said...

Oh Mary, thank you so much for this post, Sue too! Aren't those images stunning? I shall have to investigate further.

mary said...

That's what I love so much about those old Virago covers, Toffeeapple. They have introduced me to so many lesser-known artists. I do wish they'd bring them back. Today's covers are so ordinary.

Alex said...

I'm not certain I've ever seen these despite spending many hours in BMAG. Definitely a good reason to pop in one afternoon this week.

mary said...

I wonder if they'll be on display, Alex. (The Food Queue is from Oldham, so don't set your heart on that one!)