Thursday, 5 September 2013

I thought I'd set out in good time for yesterday's film, then found I hadn't allowed anything like enough time to get round this Mass Observation exhibition at the Photographers' Gallery just around the corner.
Probably not worth a special trip - they're not all as fabulous as these somewhat posed pictures from John Hinde's 1947 Exmoor village series. And yes, that's the John Hinde who became famous for postcard views and can't you tell from this wonderful colour? (Do check out the fabulous company archive  here.)
I barely peeped into the upper gallery which seemed to be mostly MO exercises from the 1980s, which interest me far less (especially as I once had to trawl through boxes of them for work). But if you're in Soho/shopping on Oxford Street, it's well worth dropping in - it's free to get in and there's a handy little café - and I definitely mean to go back when I'm not in such a rush.


Noelle the dreamer said...

Great Mary! Thanks for sharing (I love checking what you share through your posts...armchair traveling you know...)
All the best,

mary said...

Thanks, Noelle. Wouldn't it be nice if we could really drop in on each other's lives/blogs when something catches our fancy.

Toffeeapple said...

Thank you Mary, more interesting links to keep me amused and occupied.

mary said...

Those old postcards are wonderful, aren't they, Toffeeapple. All my childhood holidays are there!