Monday, 21 October 2013

Sometimes I need to remind myself that it's only an hour on the train to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. And I don't go there often enough.
So yesterday morning, I got up early and ignored the rainclouds.
No matter how many times I visit Oxford, there is always something entrancing to be discovered for the first time.
Like the witty Oxford jokes and delightful carved animals that I discovered simply by taking a different route than my usual one from the station. (Thank you to the college porter who urged me to step into the chapel to get out of the rain.)
The main purpose of my visit was this thought-provoking gem of an exhibition at the Ashmolean.

Which more than made up for the banal tripe that is currently on here.

There were rain-drenched dahlias in the gardens of Balliol, where organ music was drifting from the chapel.
Wandering through Trinity, I buried my nose in one last, perfect, rain-soaked magnolia, then sneaked into the back of the chapel to hear the choir practising a Nunc Dimittis. 
There is something very special about the golden afternoon light in Oxford. 
I scurried through the covered market just before it closed and bought a bunch of peachy, scented roses and a nice bit of halibut (which fortunately I remembered to remove from my handbag when I got home).
And then I ended the afternoon listening to this.


Sue said...

I do hate it when I forget to take the halibut out of my handbag.

Exquisite city and exquisite music - the music made me cry for the second time today, the first was while chopping onions.

mary said...

I was fretting about that halibut all the way home, Sue ... had visions of discovering it on Thursday! Also hoping it wouldn't permeate the Christmas cards I bought at the Ashmolean.

Cornflower said...

I'm going to be in Oxford again soon - joy!

mary said...

It's up there with Edinburgh as one of my favourite treats for a day out on my own, Cornflower.

Cosy Books said...

I left a tub of chocolate chip ice cream in my satchel once...dreadful mess.

Oxford is stunning! I often think back to a piece of cake bought from a little shop by Radcliffe Camera...I sat there eating and pinching myself. Off to listen to that piece of music now...

mary said...

Exactly, Darlene. You clearly understand!
I'm trying to think where that cake shop is ... I sometimes go to the cafe at St Mary's which has very good cake.