Saturday, 19 April 2014

We were probably the only people in the audience who didn't know the story inside out. Believe it or not, I have never read anything by Jacqueline Wilson -  but all of us, aged from seven to I'm not saying,    but the oldest person was me, thoroughly enjoyed this lovely stage adaptation of Hetty Feather, based on the story of the Foundling Hospital. It's only on for a few more days locally, but it's about to go on tour. Orphans and circus skills, a brilliant elephant and some wonderful circus horses who made the grown-ups laugh even more than the boys.
There's an interview with Jacqueline Wilson here and a trailer here. 
They didn't have anything like this when I was seven!
Now, of course, we must have an outing to the Foundling Hospital.
Voted 'best show we've ever seen' by two critics who can be counted on to speak their mind very loudly on the way home.


Anonymous said...

Haha! My daughter and I really wanted to see that, but couldn't find a time we were both free. Also Miranda pointed out we needed a token child really! So glad it was good. Are you in the Kingston area? I moved up from Dorset and am living with my daughter now and working here now and so love it. Donna

Gina said...

The trailer makes it sound really exciting and even though I've never read any Jacqueline Wilson books nor have a child to take along I would love to see it. The Foundling Hospital is well wort a visit.

mary said...

I'm a bus ride away but not far, Donna. It was so nice along the river yesterday. (Jaccqueline Wilson lives there, too, so maybe you'll have a sighting!) You wouldn't have needed a token child - I spotted a few people in the audience who seemed unaccompanied!

mary said...

It was good fun and very inventive, Gina. I've been to the Foundling Hospital before but the children haven't so it's another place on our long list!

Cosy Books said...

I was thinking of you yesterday, Mary. Glad you all had such a good time and can only imagine the stories at the dinner table.
Were you able to steer the boys clear of the souvenir booth?

mary said...

For once, there didn't seem to be too much on sale, Darlene - which always makes for a happier outing! There's a book-swap shelf at the back of the theatre which I thought was a great idea.