Friday, 2 January 2015

My New Year resolutions are the half-hearted, boring ones that I make - and break - every year.
But I like the style of my colleague who is approaching her 70th birthday and walks with a stick - and whose present to herself is a new sports car. The disabled sticker gives it extra dash, we agreed.
She says her New Year resolution is to say, 'Yes.'
I think she's a role model!

Happy New Year to all readers and thank you for all your lovely, friendly comments during 2014. I can't believe that it's nearly five years since I made my first tentative posts, wondering if anybody out there would read them - and it has been a delight to make so many new friendships.


Sue said...

I didn't realise our blogs were the same age Mary, The Quince tree will be five on the 24th.

Thank you for keeping this provincial lady up to date with culture.

mary said...

You were about six weeks ahead of me, Sue. Must say, your early posts were miles better than mine! I hadn't really thought it out, just jumped in!
Off now to put the kettle on and catch up with ep3 of War and Peace - which was far too much culture in one sitting for New Year's Day.

Mac n' Janet said...

Your friend definitely sounds like she has style.

Happy New Year!!!

mary said...

It's giving me ideas, Janet - though when I get to 70, I doubt my pension will stretch that far!

Magic Bean said...

Happy New Year!

Gina said...

I like your friend's style! Happy new year Mary, it has been a pleasure to discover your blog.

Vintage Reading said...

Happy New Year, Mary!

Lucille said...

Happy New Year Mary. My word for the year is Yes too. Perhaps there is something in the air. Mind you I have been saying Yes rather too enthusiastically to the offer of chocolates and cake.