Saturday, 21 March 2015

I've been enjoying Jane's recent posts about stained glass. I was in Somerset a few days ago and popped in for a look at this quirky Victorian chapel. The glass was modern and, frankly, awful. But I'm awarding myself extra I-Spy points - because it's not often that you get a tractor and farm animals in a church window.
Lovely to see lambs and hedgerows full of primroses .. and realise that spring in the country is the real thing.


Cosy Books said...

Despite the historic atmosphere and architecture that has stood the test of time and weather...I can't help thinking of a Vicar of Dibley episode.

Stained glass is stunning but you really have to soak up the view in person. The photos so rarely do the moment any justice.

mary said...

Quite agree, Darlene - you had to be there.
But yesterday I was in York where the glass in the Minster is simply amazing.