Tuesday, 7 April 2015

There were daffodils and crocuses, primroses, cowslips, the first tulips and rhododendrons, an amazing purple magnolia with blooms the size of an Ascot hat ...

There was birdsong (over the inescapable traffic noise) and a few early butterflies ...

There was the knock-out scent as you walked into the glasshouse - from freesias, lilies, oranges, lemons and limes, sweetpeas, freesia, heliotropes and stocks, completely bonkers, mingling in a heavenly blast of heady perfumes.

And I love the idea of Amaryllis Trials. Hippeastrum Benfica, you are charged with getting too big for your boots and toppling off the shelf. How do you plead? Guilty or not guilty?
As for Hippeastrum papilio - that's right, no supermarket amaryllis, but the expensive miscreant from Kew - what alibi do you have for your refusal to flower this year?
This one was a stunner and so was this. 

I always think this house has been transported from Bekonscot village or an Enid Blyton storybook. (It's actually the laboratory.)

I wasn't sure about going to Wisley on a bank holiday - but it was perfick.


Katharine A said...

I've never been to Wisley. Each spring I chat with friends about visiting a garden, we really should. Plan to go on a school day. Best for us to head to kent, from SE London. Any thoughts?

mary said...

Pashley? I haven't been there - as a West Londoner, it's easier for me to get on the bus to Wisley.
Always so tantalising, the places that are out of reach for a day trip! But if you do get a chance to go to Wisley, it's lovely - and I say that as a person who lives 10 mins from Kew!