Friday, 17 July 2015

Feeling serious fabric envy after seeing Tate Modern's Sonia Delaunay exhibition earlier this week - and as for the curtain envy!

I'm also wishing I could tango!


Cosy Books said...

The skies are grey here today so the photos were a lovely boost of colour in my day! Have yet to visit the Tate Modern, Mary. What do you think, is it for me?

mary said...

I didn't realise you'd never been, Darlene. It rather depends what's on. I find I don't visit the permanent collection anything like as often as I used to as I dislike the building - looks like somewhere Mussolini should be marching an army, not a space for art. But you should take a peep next time you're here - and if it's not for you, you're only five mins walk from the best doughnuts in the world on Borough Market! (Priorities!)