Friday, 2 October 2015

The trouble with blogging for any length of time is finding anything new to say when you do pretty much the same things again and again ... because you like them, so why not!
Compton Verney looked lovely today in this soft, autumn light - as indeed it did four years ago. I strolled around the lake again; I scrumped some apples again. They have a very nice shop and I even bought a C-word present because I knew I'd regret it if I didn't.
Their new exhibition is inspired by this book which I haven't read, science never having been my thing at school. Turns out that gilded kale leaves are rather beautiful.
And the periodic table is rather fun when it's Au-drey for gold, Cu-for John Thaw and Eu-for Jacques Delors. Which, of course, reminded me of this.

Thirty Pieces of Silver (Exhaled), Sugar Bowl (Cornelia Parker)


Katharine A said...

I'll let you off mentioning the C word, as that book would make a brilliant present for my husband or daughter. Thanks for the top tip. I've seen other works by Cornelia Parker like this. Have you seen the squashed brass instruments in the V&A?

mary said...

I've a feeling that I've seen a much bigger version of this, is it in the Tate, Katharine? Several other works by her in this exhibition.