Sunday, 3 January 2016

When you haven't been to the panto since c1969, a Cinders in sparkly Converses turns out to be brilliantly funny and full of LOLs.

Okay, I'll admit it...
When everyone else was singing Panto Funk It Up ... I thought it was Punk It Up.
Please be kind. I'm finding it slightly depressing that my youthful rebellion has morphed into muddleheaded middle age.
But we did have better music in our day.

Happy New Year.


Sue said...

Oh yes we did.

Cosy Books said...

I can only surmise that the muffin-top on the poor 'sister' dressed in pink was intentional. Otherwise, 'she' enjoyed far too many sweets after measurements by the costume department!
Glad you had a super time; this version of Cinderella looks a lot like the panto version we went to see last year.

Vintage Reading said...

I had a serious crush on Jean Jacques Burnel back in the day!

mary said...

I remember going to see them at a pub in Plymouth in the 70s, Nicola.
It was good fun, Darlene - they're supposed to be one of the best pantos in London.