Saturday, 13 February 2016

It has become something of an annual tradition to visit Two Temple Place, which is only open for a few weeks - and it doesn't seem to matter what the exhibition is, as it's this gem of a building that draws me back. I've often fantasised about sweeping down that wonderful staircase - which was the setting for Lady Rose's Downton wedding. And I've often wondered who does all the dusting? Well, I gave that wonderful staircase the fingertip test this afternoon - and the answer is nobody. Those lovely carved banisters are black with grime and dust. Mrs Hughes would be appalled.
This year's exhibition is all about the Egyptians getting dolled up for the afterlife. I'm not very good with dates BC, but I do know that Predynastic is thousands of years ago - and yet there's a cosmetics palette bearing a little heap of green malachite eye-shadow that Liz Taylor could have worn in the Sixties. I was fascinated by the laundry mark on a mummy wrapping - and the copper mirrors that would have lent a 'divine' golden glow to one's reflection. Because you're worth it.


Gina said...

This post did make me smile at the thought of you checking for dust!

mary said...

I don't know what came over me, Gina - most out of character!

Pam said...

Thank you for this helpful suggestion for things to do in London. Keep them coming!

I always do the finger/dust test in stately homes. Very bad. I also always think about dust on these programmes on tv when people are looking at wonderful barn conversions in the country, with high-up exposed cross beams - how do they dust them? What a pedestrian mind I do have.

PS My own house is completely immaculate, naturally.

mary said...

I'm so short-sighted that I'm not too fussy about what I can't see, Pam - but it was too tempting as I sailed up the stairs! It's a lovely building, though- and free to get in, which is always a bonus!