Monday, 6 March 2017

Can't remember when I last enjoyed anything on television as much as this - but the new BBC adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's Decline and Fall is quite perfect. Jack Whitehall is absolutely right as the hapless Paul Pennyfeather - 'I expect you'll become a schoolmaster, sir. That's what most of the gentlemen does that gets sent down for indecent behaviour' - David Suchet is headmaster of the third-rate public school where he ends up teaching and Douglas Hodge is his boozy colleague Captain Grimes who always ends up 'in the soup.'


Veronica Cooke said...

When was it on, Mary, I've missed it! I loved 'Vile Bodies' and 'Scoop' and of course 'Brideshead Revisted. I went through a Waugh phase in my 20s, I think, reading everything I could by him.

Mary said...

No you've not missed it, Veronica - it's not on until the end of the month. I had that Waugh phase, too!