Monday, 8 May 2017

Having spent yesterday with my head down in Lincoln in the Bardo - so brilliant, I've nearly finished it  I couldn't help seeing these Giacometti figures at Tate Modern as troubled spectres.
It's ages - a couple of years - since I've been in Tate Modern. I walk past and don't bother going in. I loathe it ... the totalitarian bulding, the banal thematic displays, the fact that you can go all the way up without even glimpsing any art. I enjoyed the exhibition but when I strolled through one of the displays on my way out, I thought what absolute *!!* this is.
But I did enjoy the exhibition. And because I hadn't been up there before I whizzed up to the (very chilly) viewing platform and thought how I'd hate to live in one of these £4.5million flats. What tidy people live there. Though I suppose if you can afford £4.5million to live in a goldfish bowl, you can afford someone to clear last night's coffee mugs and plump the cushions. I was rather hoping somebody might shuffle through in designer bunny slippers and their PJs - but it was lunchtime. If you can stop admiring other people's sofas, from the river-side there is a terrific view across London.


Veronica Cooke said...

Gosh, the sun doesn't get a chance to shine on you, Mary; you're always dashing about all over the place! How do you find the time? And you work, too!

Mary said...

It's easy if you live in London, Veronica - if I had to make a day trip, I'm not sure how much I'd get done!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree, Tate Mod is awful, totally unconducive to looking at painting, a nightmare of a place, even worse cause the stairs and lifts can't cope with crowds.
Tate Brit is much more civilised. What did you think of the Hockney ? Some good colour pencil drawings, especially of poor Ossie.

I enjoyed the first half, but after the double portraits felt he lost it...and the boredom showed...

Best, Ash

Dark Puss said...

I love the Tate Modern and especially the large new spaces in the Switch House where finally some of those huge conceptual pieces can be properly seen and work some of their magic! I was very pleased to see the Giacometti, though he certainly isn't one of my favourite C20 artists.

Mary said...

I'm with you, Ash - I so prefer Tate Britain. Sorry for this belated response - to you and Dark Puss - but I've just come across a pile of comments in my spam box.
I enjoyed Hockney, though I seem to remember that I went to the Nash exhib on the same day - which was silly of me, far too much to take in. But even Hockney's little iPad sketches make me feel good.
Giacometti isn't one of my favourites either Dark Puss - but enjoyed this when I went. Seems ages ago now! One of the exhibitions I've most enjoyed this summer is British Realism in Edinburgh - which I'm guessing you'd hate!