Sunday, 22 April 2018

More consumer goods for the people!

Let's revolutionise the fishing industry!

Yes, do let's. And let's keep our streets, villages and homes clean and tidy!

And - wait for it - let's do more sheltered-water aqua cultivation! You know you want to!

I was passing through Granary Square this afternoon and saw the signs for this (first-ever) exhibition of graphics from North Korea ... which rather reminded me of an old-fashioned Janet and John.

Run! Run to mother! Let's all rear more goats!

Let's develop more mulberry plantations to produce more cocoons!

A bit pricey to get in but fascinating.

I was dawdling, enjoying the sunshine after seeing this gripping film at my new favourite cinema. No nodding off this week! And what a perfect day to discover a new-to-me ice-cream shop.  Look at these amazing flavours. (I chose greengage ripple.)


Veronica Cooke said...

I adore greengages - very hard to find though. Greengage ripple sounds gorgeous...

Mary said...

Tesco sometimes have them, quite cheap, too, Veronica - about 50p a punnet last year. Think perhaps people don't know what to do with them. Jane Grigson's frangipane tart is the answer!