Sunday, 21 June 2020

I'm not quite antsy enough for a day out to queue for a rummage in Primark and even the local Waterstones doesn't hold much appeal. (Despite the nice man on the door coaxing me in with the promise that I could touch as many books as I like, it seems a bit unfair on staff to go in just for an idle browse). No, I'm pinning all my hopes on cinemas re-opening soon - especially when I read that they'd be testing the waters with arthouse films and oldies that are unlikely to attract a crowd - hurrah!
Meanwhile this week's grand excursion was to Osterley Park - with the added novelty of a first, albeit very short journey by Tube ... ladies, I appear to have survived! And somehow, despite many visits to Osterley in the past, I had never ventured into the pretty gardens that were a riot of poppies and overblown roses and sweet peas, and the scent of lilies was wafting out of this garden house. So I settled on a bench with my packed lunch and everybody who walked past stopped for a friendly chat and said how glad they were to be out, too ...

And I was thrilled to see that the quirky little bookshop in the old railway station was open - for books/cards/pumpkin plants ... business as normal!

I have resigned myself to the fact that I am watching FAR too much TV - so square-eyed now, I think I need a new lens prescription! But I am greatly enjoying The Great, billed as the 'occasionally true' story of Catherine the Great of Russia, from the same writer as The Favourite. Nicholas Hoult is brilliant as Emperor Peter, it's great fun - and miles more enjoyable than that stodgy effort by Helen Mirren last year.


Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

I'm so pleased to see Osterley is open again - thank you; and hopefully my cousin and I will have a lovely day out there soon. I loved the idea of the cinema with old and art house films; let's hope Bedford takes part.

Take care

Mary said...

Yes, it made a nice afternoon, Vronni - hope you get there soon. Do miss a cup of tea but maybe it won't be too long! I think I'll be the first in the cinema queue! I keep reading about people who appreciate this slower pace of life - not me, I've had enough domesticity for a long time!