Sunday, 19 September 2010

I hardly notice the deer, or the squirrels or the mushrooms that might not be poisonous. I'm thrashing through bracken, and hopping over rabbitholes. (Or are they molehills? I'm such a townie.) I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.
It is London's Open House weekend and I've decided to explore close to home. I have every confidence that I can scurry across Richmond Park in time to tour the Royal Ballet School before it closes. When I arrive puffing and panting the stern lady on the door is not at all sympathetic. I am Too Late. I can tell that she is accustomed to dealing with those who are disciplined enough to get up on time. After all, the swans can't hop along 40 minutes late to dance Swan Lake.
But the museum is still open so I get to read Darcey Bussell's school report. Her teacher says that Darcey works too hard.
Not something that was ever said about me. (Although I recall one teacher saying that I was destined to succeed Late in Life.)
So off I thrash again, through woods and bracken. And emerge - fancy that - at exactly the right gate to have cake at Petersham Nurseries.
If I'm ever going to achieve a Darcey Bussell waistline, it'll have to be later.

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