Thursday, 30 September 2010

It is far too long since I have had a Proper Treat. New shoes? New handbag? New coat? Oh dear, I really need a new coat but I was born without the female shopping gene.
They say women turn into their mothers as they get older.
But I have turned into my dad. And I hate, hate, hate shopping. (Unless it's for food. I like food shopping. This is not entirely unrelated to the fact that shopping for clothes is a torment.)
No, what I really like is a Grand Day Out. On my own.
I know this is unsociable. But Grand Days Out do not allow for compromise. (You will only get tired and moan and keep phoning your children to see if the house is on fire ...)
And what I want to do is visit this exhibition. And spend hours and hours there if I want to.
I've read the catalogue. I've sighed about the fact that it's not coming to London. I saw Cornflower's pictures and was stricken with a nasty attack of blogger's envy.
And then this morning I read this and it tipped me over the edge.
So I got on the phone and talked to a person in Calcutta or thereabouts and discovered I could buy a day return flight to Edinburgh for £50.
And that is why I'm in a happy, sunshiney mood today. For the price of a pair of shoes!
I'm looking forward to a Grand Day Out.


Cornflower said...

£50 is a bargain. Well done you, and I hope you have a very grand day out!

mary said...

I was dancing on the end of the phone, Cornflower ... especially having checked out the extortionate rail fare!
Of course, now I have to work out a plan to get to the Monet exhibition in Paris!

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous! That exhibition looks fantastic. And I've never been to Edinburgh. Have a wonderful time Mary!

Anonymous said...

Oh how marvelous! What a super idea. That exhibition looks so fantastic. Enjoy your day!

Vintage Reading said...

I spend too much time shopping for clothes and shoes and not enought time at exhibitions and art galleries! Enjoy your day out.

The Coffee Lady said...

Have a wonderful day!

kristina said...

Oh you are so lucky! K x

mary said...

Thank you, everyone. I'm so pleased that I've actually booked it instead of just thinking about it until it's too late!