Thursday, 24 February 2011

The first celandines were out in the woods today.
I left my scarf at home.
But wished I had wellies.
Because the mud was squelchy and deep.
On the way home I saw two blue tits crossing the road.
Why did the bluetit ...?
What's wrong with flying?
Are they worried about their carbon footprint?


Sue said...

I love the way celandines open and close according to the light. I have them growing beneath the quince tree, but they aren't in flower yet.

Eco-bluetits eh?

mary said...

Probably not any more, Sue ... it's a very busy road!

Darlene said...

Flowers with their faces to the sun...I can't wait *sigh*. The washerloads of muddy towels from wiping Deacon's paws...I could do without!

mary said...

It was another of those first days of spring, Darlene; and today is proof that the second day of spring never seems to arrive!

Mystica said...

The flowers are all new to me (just saw elephant's ears??) on another blog. Snowdrops on another. All absolutely beautiful

mary said...

Somehow I can never love elephants' ears, Mystica ... lots of my neighbours have them, but they get so bedraggled in the rain. Although Cornflower's pictures are really lovely, I agree.