Thursday, 17 February 2011

Walking down the road
I saw drifts of crocuses
On my neighbour's lawn
And hellebores
In the garden of what I think of
As the witch's house.
(It is dark and shrubby
And I have never liked
Those bergenias.)
I realised that I have spent
Too much time indoors
Lately. Because when I ventured
Into my own garden
I picked twigs of forsythia
And pink buds of sharp-scented currant.
That I hadn't even noticed
Until yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Spring is on its way!

mary said...

There's more of it about than I've been noticing, Rachel!

Sue said...

It's a-coming. I wonder if my flowering currant has bud.

mary said...

I was surprised when I found it, Sue.