Friday, 29 April 2011

I wasn't anything like as obsessed as I was 30 years ago when I had a forensic interest in weddings.
But in the end, it caught up with me.
And I've now watched the ceremony three times over.
Even though BBC's Huw Edwards was rubbish at the commentary. (If they can't have a Dimbleby, they could have hired me and my sister who didn't draw breath talking each other through it over the phone.)
I loved the dress ... my sister was disappointed. (She is a huge fan of Big Fat Gypsy Weddings.)
It is mean to snipe ... but what in the name of God did Beatrice and Eugenie think they were wearing? Beatrice's hat looked like a prop from the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.
(Maybe Carole Middleton could be roped in to teach the princesses a bit of decorum.)
There must have been a moment when Princess Anne stood in her local curtain showroom and said ... I'll take that pair. In a size 12. (I kind of sympathise. You should see what I'm wearing in my sister's wedding photos.) And ooh, did you see P Anne mouthing, 'Rags to riches' to her husband ... every indiscretion now immortalised on i-player, in case you thought you'd imagined it first time round, including the guest applying her lip gloss during the service.
We don't really mind that SamCam wasn't wearing a hat ... although surely she should have worn tights? (Her toes were definitely bare.)
And good for them ... they didn't invite that slimeball Blair and misery-guts Brown.
I thought it was nice to see the Duchess of Kent, who has lived so quietly for so many years since her breakdown ... although didn't she look frail?
The music was wonderful. (Didn't like that piece from Rutter, though ... sounded like Andrew Lloyd-Webber.)
And what a good idea to let the two smallest bridesmaids sit with their mums. (Loved the grumpiest bridesmaid on the balcony.)
But the most touching moment was when the carriage passed through Horseguards' Arch. And Kate looked solemn and dropped her head for a moment and squeezed William's hand.
And you knew that she was thinking of a young boy who paused under that arch on a long walk behind his mother's coffin.
Normal cynicism will be resumed here tomorrow. It was a lovely day ...


rachel said...

Chuckle. My old-fashioned friend thought that the Queen should have vetted her granddaughters, along the lines of "You're not going out in THAT! Go upstairs and scrub off all that make-up RIGHT NOW!"

mary said...

I'm sure she must be rolling her eyes, Rachel!

Sue said...

She bowed her head every time he saluted -it was her way of taking a royal salute.

I thought Huw Edwards was perfect! I don't want someone chatting over the service.

mary said...

You're right, Sue ... typical, getting carried away with myself!
And Huw was definitely better than the daytime telly crowd on the other side.