Sunday, 5 June 2011

If only I'd had a camera
I could have shown you
Raindrops on roses
In the private garden at Petersham
Where I never knew
They had some very funky chickens.
(I hope they don't end up in the pot.)
It was worth braving the rain
To see what lay behind that locked gate.


kristina said...

I was there too! K x

mary said...

I wondered if you might be there! I wonder if we crossed paths? Not many people in the garden when I was there but the teashop was crowded. (And I got the last slice of that parsnip cake if you had your eye on it!)
I hope you took photos, Kristina ... there was one particularly lovely poppy with a silvery lining. I'm going to look now ...

mary said...

You did! But I guess if you were eating baguette instead of cake, you were there earlier than I was.
I so coveted that vase of alliums and peonies.

kristina said...

We were there right when it opened, as G was worried about weather and crowds. I've never seen the parsnip cake--how have I missed that one? And I was most definitely coveting that arrangement as well!

K x

Darlene said...

Oh Mary, I've been trying to comment on several of your posts and not getting anywhere! I've just remembered that Rochester Reader was having the same issue on her blog so hopefully her suggestion to untick the 'stay signed in' box will help. Fingers crossed, here we go.

Your trip to Petersham sounded lovely and I too worry about the chickens!

mary said...

And I was the last one out, Kristina! I think the parsnip cake must be new, I haven't seen it before.
Sorry you've been having problems, Darlene. I've noticed that on several blogs, but if you make a second attempt it seems to work.
A proud end for those chickens if they end up in a Michelin* pot. But maybe they only keep them for eggs.