Thursday, 9 June 2011

It was more like a classier Strictly Come Dancing than a night at the ballet.
But I loved the pzazz of English National Ballet's Strictly Gershwin.
And I was thrilled to bits to see the dress rehearsal last night at the Royal Albert Hall.
I admit it. I've been too snobby to go to ballet at the Albert Hall, so I've missed all those over-the-top productions with 60 swans (and fireworks and 1812 cannons).
But what do you know ... it's brilliant. You're so close to the dancers, that you can see exactly who's who, see every muscle, see them gasping to get their breath back. (Well, you could where we were sitting, almost in the orchestra, so we were sideways on more than in-the-round.) It was rather like viewing it inside out, which wouldn't please everybody, but was rather fascinating. The Ginger Rogers gowns were simply fabulous, sparkling with crystals ... so shimmery, they looked as if they could dance on their own.
The conductor was jigging and jiving (I wonder if he jiggles to Swan Lake?)
And lovely Daria Klimentová - star of that fly-on-the-wall documentary that I was so hooked on that I watched every episode twice over - she was exquisite. And she's nearly 40.
She wasn't dancing with Vadim Muntagirov, the 20-year-old Russian dancer who partners her so well.
Actually, he wasn't on very good form last night. When he's not dancing with Daria, he looks a bit tentative and gauche; he looked too much like a Tchaikovsky prince, too young and inexperienced to let himself go. (Makes you realise that it's not only the older woman who gains by dancing with a younger man.)
I gasped when Tamara Rojo stumbled and fell over ... poor girl.
But to my huge disappointment, though I could hear the voice of choreographer Derek Deane shouting GO, Go, Go ... from the wings, he wasn't rude or mean to anyone.
Of course, there weren't any TV cameras to play up to.


elizabethm said...

Love the ENB and now feeling quite jealous. Don't usually mind that I live out in the sticks!

mary said...

It's going on tour later in the year, Elizabeth. How far are you from Liverpool? But maybe it's still quite a long way for a night out.

Lucille said...

So will you be going to the O2? I'm finding it hard to imagine Romeo and Juliet in that vast space. Should be interesting. The last time I went there was to see Eddie Izzard and of course he was so minute, we had to watch him on the screens with our necks twisted.

love those cupcakes said...

Looks fab. Unfortunately there's no theatre in this town (which strangely has aspirations of achieving city status) and the nearest the tour is going to get is a 2 hour drive away.

mary said...

I don't think I'm ready for O2, Lucille! It sounds horrendous.
And I think this only works because it's not ballet, it's more of a glamorous pantomime! (The only review I've seen so far has been a stinker.)
I sympathise Love those cupcakes. I grew up in a town which was aspiring to be a city a few years ago - and it doesn't even have a decent cinema.

Richard said...

greetings folks from the Amish settlement of Lebanon,Pa. Richard from Amish stories.

mary said...

Hello Richard, thanks for visiting ... it always intrigues me to discover where people come from!

A Trifle Rushed said...

I saw this last year (I think!). One word:- FAB!!!! Judith