Saturday, 30 July 2011

Today ...
I watched this stunning documentary about The Art of Cornwall.
Was surprised, walking through Chinatown, to see that the birthplace of John Dryden is now a Chinese supermarket. Never noticed that before.
Wondered if I'd like Bubble Tea.
Which I've never heard of before.
But went for coffee and flapjack instead. I wasn't feeling adventurous.
Certainly not adventurous enough to fancy tea with chewy tapioca balls. (I haven't had tapioca since I was at school.)
But there were lots of people in the shop.
So maybe it's a sign of middleage not to be tempted?


A Trifle Rushed said...

I'm with you and the coffee and flapjacks! I don't think bubbles are my cup of tea!

mary said...

Maybe there's a younger generation for whom tapioca holds no fears, because they didn't seem to be short of customers.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a sign of common sense not to be tempted by tapioca.