Friday, 5 August 2011

When it gets to 4pm, you start wishing that Stop-Me-And-Buy-One would come along the beach ...
And then he does.
Next morning you see photos of heatwave Britain
in a newspaper
And realise that you had a very narrow escape.
You don't expect to be papped
On your own stretch of beach
And you'd hate
Two million readers
To see you in that very unflattering swimsuit.


Toffeeapple said...

Crikey, which beach were you on? I wouldn't be seen anywhere in a swimsuit.

mary said...

It was a narrow escape, Toffeeapple. But when I saw the pictures in the paper, I realised that the photographer can only have been yards from where we were sitting. Whew!

Darlene said...

My stock answer to "Bring your swimsuit" is that I can't because it has a hole in the knee.

And what sort of willpower does it take to pedal one of those carts around on a hot day? I'd be off behind a hut eating all the profits!

Nan said...

I clicked the 'narrow escape'. I could never, ever, go to a beach with that many people. It makes me breathless just thinking about it. Guess I've lived in the country too long. :<) All those pictures were just incredible. What weather!

mary said...

That was Broadstairs, Nan. Our beach is quite peaceful, even on a sunny day, if you walk only a few yards out of the town.
And Broadstairs was quiet, too, except for a few pensioners' outings when I was there a week or so ago.