Sunday, 14 August 2011

This week, I've been reading one Persephone book that was a complete delight from start to finish.
And another that completely bored me.
I was enchanted by a visit to this royal residence which is still a favourite summer weekend hideaway for the Queen.
The mausoleum where Queen Victoria is buried was closed but in the royal burial ground, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor lie separated from the other graves - as if most of the family deceased still aren't speaking to them. I was fascinated by all the sentimental plaster casts of Queen Victoria's children and by Queen Mary's horrendous collection of geegaws that you wouldn't look twice at in a charity shop. (Unfortunately, the family museum - which I imagine is really fascinating - is private.)
But for those who care about tea and cake, I am sorry to say that although the setting is lovely, the tea (in paper cups!) and the very boring cake was a letdown, and Her Majesty is letting the side down. My royal tea and scones did not meet my usual high standards.


Toffeeapple said...

I should write to HMQ to advise her of your findings, she should not be seen to be letting the side down. Frogmore is beautiful isn't it?

Having read the précis of 'Making Conversation' I think I shall give it a miss, it seems too 'stiff' somehow but I shall put 'Hostages to Fortune' on my to read list. Thank you for the recommendation.

mary said...

I certainly thought HM should run to tea in proper cups and a Victoria sponge, Toffeeapple. One really ought to set an example.

Lucille said...

I'm struggling through The Wise Virgins - Leonard Woolf at present, but have just found Hostages on the shelf, so will swap. I trust your good taste implicitly. Can't think why I haven't already read it. I must have had a splurge.

mary said...

I've never read Leonard Woolf, Lucille; one that never really appealed. Hope you like Hostages ... I thought it was rather relevant to today's economic climate, especially to struggling mums - but at least we don't have to darn socks today!

StuckInABook said...

I adore Hostages to Fortune - one of my favourite Persephones - and, while I quite enjoyed Making Conversation, I agree that it isn't in the same league.

mary said...

Maybe I got too many from the library in one go and was suffering from Persephone-indigestion, Simon! But you're right, the Longford book isn't in the same league.