Thursday, 29 March 2012

It seemed such a long time since I last visited Kew Gardens. They were putting the waterlilies to bed for the winter last time I was there - and this week the waterlily house opens again for the summer, though I missed it by a couple of days.
The magnolias were grandiflorous which probably isn't a word. (But take a look at Kristina's lovely pictures from a few days earlier.)
There was a faint blue glimmer of the very first bluebells down by the river.
There was a flutter of fritillaries, if you looked carefully - which intrigue me, because I love their dainty chequered flowers.
And then I saw this fellow strolling through the Rhododendron Dell.
And it was déjà vu for me, though he completely ignored me.
I'm afraid that's why I've struggled to blog recently. It does make you realise that life is cyclical.

But I did visit the Maids of Honour tearoom for tea from a Spode china cup and an elephant's foot choux bun. And I haven't done that for absolutely ages.


Lucille said...

I've met that pheasant too. He's a show stopper.

mary said...

I'd swear it was the same one, Lucille.

kristina said...

Aren't the magnolias wonderful? They always remind me of home. But in all my visits to Kew I've never actually been to the Maids of Honour!

K x

Toffeeapple said...

I missed this post first time around, isn't that a beautiful bird?

mary said...

He's very handsome, Toffeeapple. I don't always walk that way round so I'm delighted when I see him.

I hadn't been for years, Kristina. Somehow, you don't want your tea before you go in and it's closed by the time you're leaving. But the cakes are stupendous ... it's like going back to the cakeshops of your childhood. Nice to know you can still get a meringue with a proper glacé cherry and angelica.