Saturday, 30 June 2012

This is not a blog where you will ever hear the f-word.
But when a friend suggested putting 'chicken' before the names of Italian footballers - even though I'd never heard of them, they did sound rather delicious.

Chicken Buffon 
Chicken Maggio 
Chicken Chiellini 
Chicken Ogbonna 
Chicken Balzaretti Chicken Abate 
Chicken Barzagli Chicken Bonucci 
Chicken Motta 
Chicken Marchisio Chicken Giaccherini 
Chicken De Rossi 
Chicken Montolivo 
Chicken Pirlo Chicken Diamanti Chicken Nocerino 
Chicken Balotelli 
Chicken Cassano Chicken Di Natale Chicken Borini 
Chicken Giovinco
Pollo nocerino sounds like chicken with hazelnuts; pollo Barzagli has a Hungarian paprika feel, don't you think; pollo Marchisio comes with asparagus; de Rossi must be red wine sauce; pollo Chiellini might be poached in brodo with pasta shapes and pollo di Natale is probably studded with truffles. 
Now if only I had a glass of Chianti and a packet of breadsticks ... 


Sue said...

I must say I fancy a bit of pollo pirlo.

Anonymous said...

Um, I looked up Sue's suggestion and found that she knows somewhat about football - such a disappointment. ;-)
As to your own suggestion of Pollo Natale, if you Google it, there are a lot of recipes...

mary said...

I've just googled him, Sue ... you can have him, not my type!

mary said...

I think mine sounds more festive, Toffeeapple!

Sue said...

It's true I like a bit of footie -all sport really, sorry about that, and yes my suggestion was from a football point of view rather than and aesthetic one :)

We have just eaten chicken kiev appropriately enough.

mary said...

It's all right, Sue, we'll still speak to you, even if you like football. (But maybe I won't come and live in your garage after all!)