Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The sun shone on bare legs.

Toenails were painted for the first time in I don't know how long.

My favourite white amaryllis burst into bloom overnight. (Why am I never there at the moment it actually happens?)

Sandals were dug out of the bottom of the wardrobe.

And all the self-employed people sat outside the café on the corner all afternoon drinking iced coffee.

Because who knows how long it will last?


Maria said...

~ Yippee, spring has sprung...all though Tis jolly chilly here..I have just watched the movie 'Scare Crow'....They do look like BOYS in it..haha...~ with 'Twinkles **** Maria x

Cosy Books said...

Oh Mary, it sounds wonderful - fingers crossed it will last! My skin is just about as white as your flower and next to my husband, who has just returned from Florida, I am postively ghostly.

p.s. - my word verification is 'London'!

mary said...

I loved that opening scene, Maria. But how can Gene Hackman possibly be 80-something now!

Ne'er cast a clout, Darlene .. the person who hastened off to work this morning in optimistic white linen and sandals looked a complete prat all day and has just arrived home shivering. With coffee stains down the white linen to add insult to injury. (Hadn't even arrived at work before acquired the two big coffee splashes down my front. So I've been looking my soignée best all day.)

Lucille said...

Well it's nice to be thinking white linens and sandal thoughts anyway. We can edit out the coffee stains and shivering. I've just been for a glorious walk in the sun but there was still a nippy breeze.