Saturday, 20 April 2013

Who would have thought that Gene Hackman and Al Pacino ... ever looked so young?
The film was on in Soho, so I took the chance to head around the corner to this exhibition of Bert Hardy's photographs which, disappointingly, turned out to be a tiny display tucked into a corner behind the shop, and I was in and out in five minutes. Surely he deserved a better show in his centenary year?
So with time on my hands, I strolled slowly up to Covent Garden and some wonderful London Transport posters displayed in very cramped space. As they charge a ridiculous amount to get in here, especially if you've only come to see the posters - I do love the old buses, but I've seen them countless times before - so here's a link to everything that's in the exhibition. And here's a few of my favourites ...

I don't remember this 1970's poster but I definitely remember the free museum guide that she has in her hand. 


Anonymous said...

Mary, thanks for posting the informaton about the poster exhibit at the London Transport Museum. I especially like the dog show poster (I am prejudiced because I have a terrier of my own) and the one right after it showing Ronald Colman (I think the film is "Prisoner of Zenda). Nick

mary said...

The dog show was cute, wasn't it? The cinema one was aimed at staggering the rush hour, by getting people to catch an early film on their way home from work. They don't seem to promote messages like that any more, do they?