Tuesday, 3 December 2013

 Twisted, he was. Where others had a soul, he had a corkscrew -

You'll never go into a dusty, old library again (or fancy travelling in a train carriage like this one.)

I've just spent my teabreak watching Mark Gatiss's excellent directorial debut for BBC2, an adaptation of MR James's properly chilling ghost story The Tractate Middoth ...

Highly recommended - but try not to choke on your mincepie when you go, Aaarghh! There's a review here.


Sue said...

Oh now that does look good. I love John Castle and he isn't on telly often enough. Stonyhurst? Isn't that where Bridey was supposed to have been educated in Brideshead Revisited? Sebastian, of course, went to Eton -I digress.

mary said...

Very classy all round, Sue. I especially liked the chap from Coronation Street as Sniffer.