Tuesday, 17 February 2015

It smelt delicious. I'm not great on presentation skills, so let's say it looked home-made. And it certainly made a change from pancakes with lemon. I've no pictures - I cut it up as soon as it came out of the oven - but this was the inspiration for the 18th century pancake pie I made earlier today. It would have been even better with a dribble of cream. 
I sliced off the lid and attempted to create a flan pointé with the pastry triangles but they wouldn't stand up straight. Maybe Jusrol wasn't the pastry of choice in 1730.
But pretty good for a first attempt. 
Just boasting.


Toffeeapple said...

At least you made the effort Mary.

I like orange juice squeezed on my pancakes.

Lucille said...

You don't do things by halves Mary. I have made not a single pancake. Grandmotherly duties have left me in a state of collapse.
PS What do you think of Indian Summers?

mary said...

It was the sherry that made it, Toffeeapple. Substitute for sack.

Grandmotherly duties are less fattening, Lucille. Unless state of collapse drives you to tea and bikkies.
Not sure about Indian Summers. It's no Jewel in the Crown, is it? I'm reserving judgement. How about you?

Sue said...

I only made five pancakes this time so you win Mary. I quite liked Indian Summers but I have only a vague memory of Jewel in the Crown -might have to revisit it. The house was gorgeous though wasn't it?

mary said...

You're making me feel old, Sue!

Lucille said...

I'll watch one more. I wasn't riveted.

mary said...

Think you're right, Lucille. I wanted to like it but it didn't really grab me. There's others coming up, thtough - Arthur and George looks promising, though I've only seen ep 1, and Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell - I haven't read the book, have you?