Friday, 5 June 2015

After basking in sunshine for just a couple of days, London is feeling quite rural. It was lovely to see haymakers and Shire horses clearing the lanes at Ham this morning. Very Cider with Rosie for TW10 ...

And yesterday, just off Brick Lane, I heard someone yell, "Close the gate!" as a mini-herd of sheep, goats and baby lambs came galloping over the cobblestones. I came home from Spitalfields City Farm with a bottle of the homemade elderflower cordial that I'm always too lazy to make. (I'd already lunched on bagels but I've marked the farm cafe down as a future lunch-spot on a sunny day.)

Tonight's project, however, is making crystallised borage flowers for a cake.

Just hope they haven't wilted in my handbag.


A Trifle Rushed said...

I forgot they were doing that! I meant to go! I love seeing them when they are in the park, where exactly were they today? (finger's crossed they'll be back, it takes two tractors three days to mow Ham Lands, so hopefully the shires will be around next week too!)

mary said...

I think they've been there all week and this was the last day, Jude. I met them coming along the lane behind the polo club. (Ie as you walk down from the Petersham Road lodge towards Ham House)

Gina said...

How marvellous. I never even knew about this before.

Anonymous said...

Mary, can you please recommend a decent London riverside pub, doesn't have to be gastro, but with food good enough for wifey's birthday lunch?
Have been to River Cafe in the past, but their prices have gone astronomical . Hundred quid plus for a bit of squid is not on.
Many thanks,
Best Herts

mary said...

I'm not a lady who lunches, Anon (not abstemious, just broke!). But have you tried MIranda's blog, Miranda's Notebook; she often mentions pubs and restaurants.
Petersham Nurseries is nice for a salad lunch outside (not in the restaurant, which is pricey - but the teahouse is much cheaper). But though it's near the river, it's not actually on the river - and it's self-service which isn't very birthday-ish.
Actually, now I think of it - The Bingham at Richmond is in a good position on the river. I've never eaten there but the menu always looks nice when I walk by. But it's a restaurant,not a pub.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this. I've never been to Petersham and will definitely look in to it and Miranda's blog.
Best, Herts