Saturday, 20 June 2015

What happened to the crystallised borage flowers?

Well, I picked them - nasty, prickly things - and I carried them home and remembered they were still in my bag around about midnight.

And then I thought, Well, I could still do it before bedtime. But it's a fiddly job pulling the pretty blue flowers off with tweezers when you don't want any green bits and the big bunch of borage was dwindling to a tiny heap of petals, which were looking rather tired and so was I ...

And I thought why am I starting a sticky job like this when sensible people are in bed?

And I also thought about all the dogs that walk down that lane ...

So I thought, Stuff it and chucked the whole lot in the bin.

Yesterday I noticed that the hedgerow has been mown and all the borage flowers have disappeared. So that's that.

But I still made the marigold tart from the 1573 recipe.

And nobody noticed that it was garnished with marigolds instead of borage.

Meanwhile, rose petals are drying on a teatowel on my windowsill. There could be rose petal sugar for meringues. I blame this book.

Rosepetal sugar being far less fiddly, I whizzed up a couple of jars in two minutes and those meringues - or shortbread - or macaroons - will actually happen. I do like instant results! 


Toffeeapple said...

How did it taste?

mary said...

Not bad, Toffeeapple - it soon disappeared. Kind of like a baked custard. Not sure whether I was tasting the marigolds or the saffron in the pastry. Anyway, it was a talking point - and I'm drying some more marigolds to make it again.