Tuesday, 30 June 2020

And I'm back in business ... I've been sitting here with the biggest grin all afternoon! Yes, the National Gallery is re-opening and I've booked my slot for the very first day to see this (admission free) and this and maybe visit a few old favourites, too. (I'll have four hours. Is that enough? Well, my rusty knees won't hold out any longer!) Plenty of slots available if you're tempted.
Oh, I will never take our wonderful galleries and museums for granted again. I ❤️London!

Meanwhile, there's the exquisite Alessandra Ferri in Woolf Works from the ROH; I've watched the Mrs Dalloway section twice and it would break your heart. Further afield, I thoroughly enjoyed this Broadway production of Sondheim's Company. In fact, that's been the best thing about lockdown - I've been at the theatre several times a week! It's hard to keep up: I was enjoying the Bridge Theatre's lively Midsummer Night's Dream - but can't see myself managing to watch the second half before it vanishes tomorrow. Because I'll have to be quick if I want to catch Bernstein's Candide! I'll miss all these wonderful free productions that have been my new-normal! 


Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Yes, it's been lovely. I wonder why they couldn't leave up the old productions - the ones that have finished their tours of the UK? It would be another way to tempt people into the theatre; especially those who may have not previously considered the theatre as a place for them?

Take care and enjoy!

Mary said...

I suppose there's issues of royalties/copyright, Vronni. I was surprised that Small Island was on last week, when they're selling tickets for the autumn! But maybe it does coax new audiences. I hope so, they'll need it!

Lucille said...

I’m thrilled to hear about the National Gallery reopening but less thrilled to contemplate the train journeys there. Something so banal now transformed into an ordeal.
In other news I enjoyed Toast last night complete with Walnut Whips - even if they had removed the half walnut inside. They thought I wouldn’t notice did they?

Mary said...

I know what you mean, Lucille. I've only been on the Tube twice for short hops. And I do hope there isn't a riot in Trafalgar Square! That would be just my luck - but the weather forecast is bad which is probably good!
The Toast and Walnut Whip package sounds fun. Now I'm longing for a WW, I haven't had one in years. Was there a walnut inside? Faint recollections are stirring - but I think that went years ago! I hope you ate yours in the approved fashion!

Lucille said...

I did! I think they’ve messed around with the whip. It was gelatinous rather than fluffy. And Nigel (clunk) concurred that there was another walnut inside but that no one ever believed him.

Mary said...

Oh, dear, they can't leave anything alone! Creme eggs ruined, and I used to love them.