Sunday, 17 October 2010

Chestnuts were raining on my head in Kew Gardens, as a flock of green parrots swooped through the trees and shook them to the ground.
That's life in the suburbs ...
(You couldn't make it up.)
I shall have to roast them or I shall feel guilty for depriving the squirrels.
I thought about trying to make chestnut flour but it sounds more trouble than it is worth.
But chestnuts roasting in a gas oven ...?
It simply doesn't sound quite right.


kristina said...

Tracy and I are off to Kew tomorrow. Will try to steer clear of the birds and chestnuts!

K x

mary said...

Careful if you nibble them ... some are a bit maggoty! That's why I was trying to catch the fresh ones as they bounced.