Tuesday, 26 October 2010

It is the year of the cabbage. After some fine specimens in Edinburgh last week, what do I find at the RA today but ... more cabbages.
(I'm sure I saw a few Brussels sprouts as well.)
I don't think that I'll ever be bowled over by the Glasgow Boys.
Although my brother might persuade me to change my mind when he flies down from Aberdeen to see them next week.
They are certainly the men of the moment as there's three exhibitions of their work currently on in London.
PS Do read this story about the cold and hungry little girl in the painting.


kristina said...

We do have quite a few cabbages on our plot this year!

I'm hoping to talk G into going to the exhibition at the RA. I didn't realize there were other exhibitions of their work in London as well.

K x

mary said...

Only round the corner, Kristina. I was a bit lazy and it was raining, so I didn't ... maybe next week.

Lucille said...

Yes I saw the Edinburgh cabbages.

mary said...

It's always heartening when they paint them nibbled by slugs, Lucille.