Sunday, 17 October 2010

Midsummer by Sir James Guthrie.

Don't you think that the angular lady on the right might have been Miss Jean Brodie's maiden aunt taking tea in the garden?
That silver teapot caught lovely reflections. I wonder who polished it?


Joan Hunter Dunn said...

Just like the scene in Downton Abbey last night. Sitting on the lawn taking tea... And here I am at work!

mary said...

But think of Lady Mary so bored with nothing to fill her life, Joan! (And pre-internet days, when there was nothing to play with at work except paperclip boats!)

Darlene said...

I can't stop looking at the lady in white. It looks as though she is sitting on a man's arm! Doesn't that look like a hand at the end of a shirt sleeve? I didn't enlarge the image, I was having too much fun thinking the lady is hiding a body.

mary said...

Heavens, Darlene. Now you've got me thinking. I've enlarged it fullscreen and I think it might be the sash of her gown.
It didn't strike me that there was anyone lurking under her chair when I saw it in the flesh!
If Cornflower reads this, I wonder if she has the catalogue?
I went cross-eyed peering at the teapot. Couldn't decide whether the blue bits were a reflection or a nice bit of enamelled decoration.

Darlene said...

I found this painting on another site which showed it a bit larger. At first I thought the blue bits were decorative but the tray has the same hue going around the edge. Perhaps it's a sheen.

The arm still looks a bit suspicious to me though!

mary said...

If only you could have flown over for a proper look, Darlene.