Saturday, 8 January 2011

As I came out of the Tate and walked across the wobbly bridge in drizzly twilight, I was thinking of this - rather than of Gauguin's tropical islands and flowers.
I wasn't wildly keen on the exhibition.
I'd love to have dismantled it and rehung it.
He isn't one of my favourite painters, but I don't think the Tate did him justice. (How sloppy it looked, so many peeling labels. And I know it's now drawing to a close, but people were complaining about the labels a couple of months ago.)
It's a huge exhibition, but I was more engrossed in the letters and photographs than the paintings.
I have a feeling I might have enjoyed the Tate's 1966 exhibition rather more.

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Joan Hunter Dunn said...

We saw Gaugin a while ago and I wasn't sure about it. I presumed it was me not enjoying it rather than the way it was exhibited.