Tuesday, 4 January 2011

When you have spent the afternoon watching I Capture the Castle.
Followed by The Bishop's Wife (Cary Grant, 1947, great skating scene).
Then Brief Encounter (for the umpteenth time, but you've never noticed before that Celia Johnson has such very bad skin).
And then it was straight into The Passionate Friends. (More Trevor Howard, still asking "Are you happy?" And was that the same coffee percolator as the one in Brief Encounter?)
Well, no wonder there's only sausages for dinner.
And perhaps it is time to get off the sofa and get back to work.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day to me! I LOVE The Bishop's Wife - it is my all-time favorite Christmas movie.

rachel said...

Did you have a heap of tear-sodden tissues beside you on the sofa? And did you return to the real world speaking in a strange clipped accent? Sorry, eccent....

kristina said...

Sounds like the perfect afternoon! But I've never seen The Bishop's Wife. Must look it out for that skating scene. Missed Somerset House this year.

K x

StuckInABook said...

What a wonderful day! Although I've never heard of the Bishop's House or The Passionate Friends, I do love I Capture the Castle and Brief Encounter.

mary said...

Hello, Anbolyn and thanks for dropping in. I'd never seen The Bishop's Wife before and now I can't understand why it's not on television here every Christmas.
Rachel, you have to dab your eyes, don't you. (Even though Laura is such an awful drip ... of course, we never see Trevor Howard's 'delicate' wife who might be even worse!)
Simon ... I'm sure you'd like The Passionate Friends. It's not as good as Brief Encounter, but if you're into overwrought ladies and trains???
Kristina ... I always mean to go to Somerset House, not to skate, but for hot chocolate. And somehow I never get there.