Sunday, 23 January 2011

It says something about my squandered afternoon that I caught Jamie Oliver recommending tapas of cheese, honey and coffee.
That's right. Together.
So it had to be tried. Right away.
(It's good ... but it needs better coffee than I had immediately
to hand.)
I did wonder if Jamie got The Flavour Thesaurus in his stocking?


Annie said...

I think I need a little more persuasion. Can't drink coffee anyway, so perhaps I should give this a miss.

mary said...

I cut a very small piece to try it, Annie!

Darlene said...

Good on you for trying, Mary! I think I like the aroma of coffee more than the taste. The cheese and honey are interesting though.

mary said...

As if I needed anything else to nibble straight from the fridge, Darlene!