Thursday, 23 January 2014

Designed by men ....

The nice new loo brush from IKEA comes complete with instruction leaflet and a tiny screw the size of a peppercorn.
That's right ... loo brush. Not bookcase.
It was probably the 10th time that I dropped the tiny screw that it rolled under the fridge.
But I battled on.
It only took 20 minutes.
I am so glad I bought disposable brushes while I was there.
It will be a such a fun job in rubber gloves when they need replacing.


Sue said...

I bought a couple of these last year and despite the expense have not regretted it -simple, indestructible and good-looking.

mary said...

That's the one for me next time, Sue! Didn't think they made them like that any more. Perfect souvenir on my next trip to Brighton!

Cosy Books said...

For crying out loud! No nomination for the Design Awards of 2013, I'm thinking.