Sunday, 5 January 2014

So could Cymru-noir be the new Scandi-noir? Coals to Newcastle, but the Welsh are exporting crime-with-subtitles to Denmark - and, if last night's episode of Hinterland wasn't as thrilling as The Bridge,  the dank, wet Aberystwyth landscape beat Malmö hands down. Won't do Welsh tourism any favours  but worth catching.

(The painting that features in the first episode is Salem  by Sidney Vosper. Can you see the devil's face in the folds of her shawl?


Toffeeapple said...

I had heard about this Mary from John Gray of the 'Going Gently' blog. It hadn't occurred to me to watch it, even though it is set in my Homeland. I think I shall try it on iPlayer. Thank you for the reminder.

mary said...

I enjoyed it far more than last night's disappointing episode of Sherlock, Toffeeapple. But I am beginning to think I need to get out more!